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We generate human-like speech for audiobooks and voice-overs by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Homo Deus (Male Voice)

Pride and Prejudice (Female Voice)

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Our Services

We plan to change the way the world thinks and feels about machine genrated voices.

Audiobook Production

We create audiobooks with humanlike voice eliminating the cost and time of recording sessions in studios. We partner with leading publishers, authors and voice actors to bring the books that are not available previously into audio format.

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Content Narration

Bring your online and digital content to life and Extend the reach of your online content. Powered by our leading-edge speech engine,we create audio versions of your content and give your brand instant recognition in the voice user interface.

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We don't make noise. We create sound.

At Deepmoth technologies, We are developing a deep learning-based system that will train machines to speak as humans do. Once trained Our machines will analyze the given text and start processing by picking up on the emotional cues from it. Finally, it will deliver the most humanlike audio filled with emotion. There are already machine-generated synthesized voices like Alexa, Siri that you must have already heard. What makes our audio different from them is the emotion that we put in words rather than being monotonous.

When humans talk, they communicate their feelings through speech. Same words can convey different meanings with different pitch. We want our machines to have the same empathy as humans do. That's our vision.

But how?

Some people like to call it magic but in reality, it's just a bunch of nerdy stuff 🤓

What We Have Built So Far

Listen to the audio quality we have created. And it's just the start. Each day we are getting one step closer towards our goal and improving the quality of our product.


Papervoice provides subscription services for audiobooks. It has large audiobook collection of latest releases, bestselling books, timeless classics and many more.

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